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RecycleRepurpose, Relove


Meet K&W Bespoke 

K&W Bespoke is a business created to recycle, repurpose and revive materials which would have otherwise been destined for the skip or fire. We have decided that can't be the case! 

K&W Bespoke has been created to produce bespoke, individual items created with love by us, no commercial team, no contractors. We have a vision to create rustic, individual items created sustainably from pre-used 'waste' materials, giving them a second life to be loved by all of you. 

We can't promise masses of stock but we can promise we will work hard to constantly restock and produce a range of bespoke one of a kind products for you all to enjoy be it in the house or in any outdoor space. 

Created by Kennedy and Wes K&W Bespoke is a vision to tie our passion for creation together to produce timeless pieces of furniture. 

Kennedy a fish farmer by trade with a passion for creating anything and everything three dimensional. Wes a boat builder by trade has the skills to help create the vision and a great eye for detail. Together K&W Bespoke was born to create and up-cycle timeless pieces for all of you to enjoy. 

We hope you can all join our journey and enjoy the limited but ever-evolving stock we are loving to produce. 

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